Friday, August 29, 2014

Garden Surprises

I was wandering around the flower garden the other day.  Plotting my next move.  I've been working hard, one section at a time.  Clearing weeds, amending the soil, adding new plants and finally mulching.  Then I move on to the next section.  A few feet at a time I'm finishing this beast of a garden.

So there I found myself, having finished another section and contemplating what next.  That's when I spotted it.

Through the flowers I spied a shape.

Do you see anything behind the flowers?
My first thought was cat.  They often hide out among the flowers.  Spying on birds and relaxing in the shade.

Could it be Gino?
But then I saw ears, and my heart stopped for a minute.


Except ..... hang on ...

That's a pretty solid looking bunny.  I don't think it's running anywhere.  I've been had.

I ran inside and down to the basement.

Jody!!  I found something in the garden!!

He turns and looks at me.  What's that? he says

I raise an eyebrow and that's all it takes.  He can't help himself.  The corners of his mouth turn up just a touch before he completely cracks up, breaking into a wide smile.

Okay, it was me!  Happy Birthday sweetheart.